Rotating Electrode Unit

The rotating electrode unit is used to investigate the final and semi-finished products of electrochemical reactions.

The rotating electrode unit has been part of our portfolio for more than 30 years. It consists of a rotating unit, a speed controller, an electrochemical cell and various electrodes. We supply cylindrical, disc and ring disc electrodes in different sizes and with different insulators.

Special designs of electrodes and devices are also deliverable.

  • Rotator
  • Speed controller
  • Electrodes
  • Measuring cell



Technical specifications:
  • 0 - 4000 rpm, steplessly adjustable
  • Mercury contacts for low-noise operation (2 x 1 A)

Speed controller

SpeedControlTouch for Rotating Electrode Unit

Technical specifications:
  • 0 - 4000 rpm, steplessly adjustable
  • Operation via touch display
  • Computerised control feasible


Electrodes for Rotating Electrode Unit

Disc electrode - ring-disc electrode - cylindrical electrode

Deliverable material:
  • platinum
  • glassy carbon
  • gold
  • pure copper
  • pure zinc
  • aluminium
  • steel, stainless steel
  • titanium
  • 50 mm²
  • 8 mm diameter

Measuring cell

Measuring cell for Rotating Electrode Unit

  Complete corrosion measuring cell for RDE
Rotating electrodes including glass container, lid, sample holder, counter electrode, reference electrode (Ag/AgCl), intermediate vessel, gas inlet and outlet
The double-walled measuring cell is suitable for connection to constant temperature thermostats.